The Best Online At-Home Workouts

Hello there friends! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite ways to get a good workout in at home.  If you’re anything like me, it can be challenging to fit a workout in some days, especially during the work week.  To remedy this, I’ve embraced the at-home workout.  Sure, you might push yourself harder in a group setting, but squeezing in a quick solo workout is better than just plopping down on the couch after work with some wine, amirite? I also enjoy the freedom of getting my exercise on at home because I don’t have to worry about being better than anyone else, or getting distracted by what a sweaty mess I might look like.  I can just set up in front of the TV, wear my most comfy workout clothes, and get moving.



I absolutely love yoga, I’ve been practicing it on and off for 8 years now.  What I love about the practice is that it’s all about what your personal body and spirit needs at any given moment in time.  When you stop practicing for a few months or years and then return to the mat, it’s like seeing an old friend who you have that special connection with – after a few moments, you pick up right where you left off and remember how much you love spending time together.  And yoga, more so than any other mode of exercise I’ve found, is so inclusive for all body types and fitness levels.  You’ll never go to a yoga class and be body shamed – rather, the movements will help you embrace yourself and the empowering feeling of taking up space in this world. My absolute favorite online yoga instructor is this hilarious, lovely lady from Austin, TX named Adriene Mishler.


Her website and YouTube channel are called Yoga With Adriene.  She’s got hundreds of free classes on YouTube, all for different reasons you might want to hop on the mat!  Feeling a little down?  Try her yoga sequence to aid depression.  Want a gentle flow for the evening?  Try Adriene’s yoga for bedtime. My favorite from Adriene thus far has to be her 30 Days of Yoga series she put out for the new year (also free!)  She uploaded a new video every day for 30 days starting January 1st, and they’re all available on YouTube so you can start them any time.  I just finished it up myself and had so much fun!  Some classes were longer, some were just a quick pick-me-up.  After finishing, I certainly felt stronger, more empowered, and even more in love with at-home exercise.  (Plus, think of all the money I saved!)


If I ever feel like a bit more of a challenging ab workout, I always turn to Cassey Ho, a.k.a. Blogilates!  Another YouTube fitness instructor with a ton of awesome free classes. 2015-04-19_1933

If you are new to Pilates, I highly recommend her beginner’s workout – it’s a great challenge and explains the recommended form very clearly.  Good form is extremely important when doing Pilates because you can easily strain your neck if you don’t pay attention.  I’ve also tried her squat challenge and it BURNED.  Give it a go and let me know if you can finish it 😀 She’s also got a lot of great free content on the Blogilates website, including meal plans, recipes, workout challenges, and more.  I love her online workout videos because they’re challenging, fun, and she’s always super upbeat and positive.  The best kind of motivation!


Have you guys tried barre?  Barre is AMAZING.  I am totally obsessed.  I only tried it for the first time a few months ago and at first I was like ‘WHAT IS THIS DEVILRY?!’ but then I found I was craving it the very next day. 2015-04-19_1947

What is barre you ask?  Barre is a combination of Pilates and yoga, with a ballet influence (hence the name).  Essentially, you work with small pulsing movements using mostly your own body weight, and the goal is to get those targeted muscle groups to start shaking.  It’s kind of terrifying the first time it happens, but as they say in barre class, ‘Embrace the shake!’  When you fatigue your muscles, you force them to change and strengthen. In between working on each muscle group, there are rounds of deep stretching.  The idea is to tone and lengthen the muscles.  It’s an incredibly challenging workout, but an incredibly effective one as well.  Music plays throughout the class and I can never believe a whole hour has already passed once we’re finished.  It’s so much fun.

My online barre workout recommendation for you is available through the Nashville-based studio Barre3.  They have a really great set up where you can choose how much time you have (10, 30, 40 or 60 minutes) and what muscle group you want to focus on (arms, core, legs, seat, or all-body).  It then spits out all of the videos that meet your criteria and then you choose which one you want to do!  These videos are not free, but a subscription is only $15/month which I think is well worth it for such challenging, targeted workouts.

If you’re located in San Diego and you want to try a real-life barre class, I highly recommend Pure Barre in Hillcrest.  They have classes all day every day, and all of the instructors kick major butt.  One thing I wish I’d known before I took my first few classes though is that you need these special non-slip socks or else you’ll be sliding all over the place during floor work.  I suggest picking some up before your first class. Hope you found some of these recommendations useful.  Exercising at home using online workouts is a fun, affordable alternative to scheduling a class into your busy week.  Get your sweat on!

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