Outfit Breakdown: Working Girl

Another day, another outfit!  I’m incredibly lucky to work in an environment where there is no dress code whatsoever.  This leaves a wide spectrum of office attire, which is always fun and makes me feel more at ease.  Some people wear hoodies and jeans, others wear shorts and patterned shirts.  I choose my work ensembles depending on my mood, but more often than not I like to dress up even though it’s not required of me.

For me personally, I feel that putting time and effort into my appearance helps me stay focused on my work and career.  I don’t hold this standard to anyone else however, as it would be completely elitist and unfair.  Many people don’t have the means to buy new clothes, nor the luxury or extra time to spend worrying about what to wear.  I fully appreciate that this is a privilege in my life, and I try to respect it as such.  It’s purely a personal preference, but dressing up for any occasion helps me feel like I’m playing a part, whatever that part may be.  Today’s part is that of ass-kicking professional woman in the workplace!

image2 (5)


I admit it – I’m an Ann Taylor fiend.  I always thought their clothes were for older women, but when I went to get an outfit there for a work event, I was hooked.  They’re excellently-made clothes, appropriate for work or more formal cocktail hours. A lot of the designs are really fun and colorful, not just boring office blouses and slacks.  If you work in a professional office setting, you must check out Ann Taylor sometime.

Follow this link to receive 60% off your entire Ann Taylor purchase from 4/26 – 4/28 – just use the code “BIGSALE” at checkout!


Madewell – I already raved about Madewell in my last outfit breakdown, but you’ll probably hear about them from me again and again because I’m obsessed.  They make clean cut, casual, street style pieces that can easily become regulars in your outfit rotation right away.  I love classic silhouettes and ensembles, so these Skinny Jeans in Black Frost had to come home with me.  If there’s a Madewell in your area, it’s worth a trip.


So excited to tell you about these shoes today!!  Even though my blog is all about California, I also have this weird obsession with Nashville.  I day dream about it all the time, stalk people on Instagram who live there, even support small businesses there.  There’s just something about Nashville that calls to me – I know I’ll make the trip someday.

For now, I wear a little piece of Nashville on my feet in the form of the MOST AMAZING SHOES EVER.  Meet the Austin Noir by Nisolo.  I saw one of my favorite Nashville bloggers wearing these in many photos and I just had to get myself a pair.  They fit so perfectly, go with anything, have just the right amount of heel.  They’re perfect and classic and stylish and I love them ever so much.  They’re a little pricey, but I can tell they’re going to last me for years.

Nisolo is an awesome independent shoe company that focuses on ethical production and sourcing practices.  They’re incredibly transparent about their goods and how they’re made.  That level of care can be seen in their customer service as well, which is phenomenal.  Nisolo is a company I trust which is refreshing in this age of corporate corruption.  Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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