Throwback Thursday: 90s Fashion

Just a quick post because I had to share with you guys my outfit for 90s dress up day tomorrow at work.

image (2)

Can you guess who I am?


That’s right!  Everyone’s favorite Clueless 90s princess, Cher Horowitz.  Like most 90s babies, I have seen Clueless about one thousand times.  Even though their outfits in this movie don’t necessarily represent actual 90s fashion, they’re still iconic.

I went to San Diego’s premier vintage/costume clothing store Flashbacks to root around this afternoon and was lucky to find everything I needed.  The skirt was originally part of a two piece suit, but the jacket was more 80s than 90s and way too long.  They sold the skirt to me separately which was awesome.

The plaid top is actually a too-big flannel type shirt, but I mean the pattern is so close.  I had to get it.  When I got home, I cut length off the skirt and the shirt, rolled up the sleeves, added some white knee highs and voila!  I am Cher.

It’s not a contest tomorrow, but I would so totally win 🙂

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