Get to Know the Locals: Interview Series

I thought a fun part of this blog might be to introduce you to some of San Diego’s finest.  There are so many incredible people living here:  small business owners, entrepreneurs, musicians, teachers, athletes… I know I get really inspired when I learn about people who are extremely passionate in life.  Hopefully this interview series will do the same for you!

Today, you’ll be getting to know a truly delightful person named Jordan Tyler.  You may know her from YouTube – I mean check that out, 1,000,000+ views!?  I met Jordan for the first time through the San Diego music scene.  I remember seeing her perform at Lestat’s West about 8 years ago.  She had the most beautiful voice and such catchy songs.  I turned to my friend and asked who this girl was, and my friend replied, “Oh yeah, that’s Jordan!  She’s 15, she’s really popular on YouTube and she just had a book published!”  That’s right, a published author at 15 years old.

As far as I can tell, she hasn’t changed much.  Jordan strikes me as the kind of person who follows her passions wherever they may go, and more inspiring still, follows through with them.  As a chronic pipe dreamer, I am always in awe of those who have the ability to finish what they start.  Jordan is certainly one of those people!


On top of being a kick ass vegan baker and musician, she is also a yoga teacher!  Her path to yoga is what I’ve asked her to talk about today.  If I remember correctly, she started a personal health and fitness journey about two years ago.  I am blessed to her her Facebook friend because I get to be inspired by her progress and journey every day.  She is an uplifting, positive soul who is filled with light and love.  I am honored to have her as the first person in my “Get to Know the Locals” series.

Get to Know the Locals:  Jordan Tyler

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1. What made you want to start teaching yoga?

Oddly enough, my tattoo artist, Travis Luckherst. He was working on my piece and his then girlfriend (now fiancé!) was running a Core Power and about to lead a teacher training. He asked if I ever thought about doing something like that because I seemed the type. I didn’t have a very strong personal practice at the time but really felt inspired by his insight and his lady’s career and life path. Fast forward, I dedicated myself to a personal practice until I met the teacher I wanted to train with, Elka Hekel. (Please DO catch a class with her, she’s alignment-, energetic-, and anatomical-focused, and her booty is a force to be reckoned with – as well as quoted many times over as “inspirational”.) 

2. What do you personally connect with in the practice of yoga?

Recently being IN my body and experiencing through my body and not my head has been a big connection. Also, I’ve been loving that no matter how hard a pose may be, if you try with love and give it some time you can do pretty much anything you set your mind and heart to!

3. What have you learned about teaching since you started giving classes?

Oh wow, so much! From what music I like to play, to how to cue poses with more efficiency and accuracy. How to hold space for others, and how important it is to do so. Teaching definitely makes me a better person.  Every student teaches me something about myself and the world.

4. How long have you lived in San Diego, and what do you love about the city?

I’ve lived here going on 11 years now! I love our beaches, the cafes, the music, and the yoga! There are always free and donation-based classes to hit on the beach, and really – is there a better score than that?

5. What’s your local insider recommendation for anyone visiting San Diego (places to see, restaurants to eat at, activities, etc.)?

Come visit me at my day job! I’m a Juicer and Prep & Pastry Chef at Trilogy Cafe in La Jolla. It’s a 100% vegan, gluten free, organic cafe with a roof top aerial yoga rig that offers classes, and an indoor yoga Shala. It’s like a tree house for grown-ups. 

6. When and where can people catch your classes?

I teach a donation-based (pay-what-you-can or trade/barter) class Tuesdays at 11:30am at Calumet Park (Calumet Ave. & Colima Ct.)  

I also teach Wednesdays at 11am at Trilogy Sanctuary on the deck overlooking the ocean!

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