Outfit Breakdown: Sunday Funday

Hola friends!  I hope all of your summers are going swimmingly – I know mine is!  I returned from my grand California road trip two weeks ago but it’s already starting to feel like a lifetime away.  Can’t wait for the next one!

I’m getting some awesome posts together for you guys about things to do around San Diego – there is so much going on in the summer here all the time.  Our convention claim to fame is happening as I type, the world famous San Diego Comic-Con.  I’ve somehow never been, despite having lived here almost all my life.  The tickets sell out more quickly than Coachella!  I’m hoping to get a press pass next year so that I can give you guys an inside look.

Other exciting things this month – my birthday is in 7 days!  I’ll be turning a whopping 26 years old.   Officially ringing in the second quarter century.  What’s more, I bought myself an early birthday present which will benefit you guys too – I got my first real camera of all time!  I’ve only ever used camera phones, or borrowed my boyfriend’s small cameras, but this thing is the real deal.  I got a FujiFilm X-T10, and I learned that the brand is kind of like the Apple computer of the camera world.  They’re very focused on design and quality, whereas Canon and Nikon are more focused on churning out new products.  FujiFilm has less lenses available, but the salesman told me they’re more specialized and often of better quality.  I’m super excited to take my photography, and therefore the blog, to the next level!

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a quick little outfit breakdown because it’s been a while since the last one.  Also, I just really love this outfit.  Summer to me means long, warm, sunny weekend days spent with friends – especially daytime craft beer meet ups on Sundays!  Hence the title of this outfit, “Sunday Funday”.

image (20)


As you’ll come to quickly realize, this outfit is extremely heavy on the Madewell pieces.  I just love me some Madewell!  Their clothes are of such high quality, and so sleek & simple they’ll go with almost anything.  This Swing-Back Top is absolutely perfect for summer – sleeveless, free and open in the back!  The material is thick but not heavy.  It would look great over any color of jeans, or even a fitted skirt.

image (21)


Madewell again – I swear by these “Skinny Skinny Jeans” in black frost.  They’re the perfect black jeans for all year round!  I don’t exactly know what’s double skinny about them, they just fit really great.  My style gravitates toward simple, well-made pieces that you can easily mix and match.


You guessed it… Madewell again!  If I could own everything in that shop I would.  You’ve really got to make a trip and check it out.  I also bought myself this Panama Hat as an early birthday present and I love it.  I’ve recently realized I need to expand my hat collection and I think this is a good start 🙂

image (19)


I’ve talked about this company in a previous post, but I could brag about them forever.  Nisolo is an incredible shoe company based out of Nashville, Tennessee who focus on responsibly-sourced materials and labor.  Each of pair their shoes is crafted with care and precision.  Much like Madewell, they’re a little on the expensive side, but they’ll last you for a very, very long time if you take good care of them.  Also like Madewell clothes, these Serena Sandals can go with almost anything!

Cheers ’til next time friends – grab a cold beverage and soak up the summer!

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