Outfit Breakdown: The T-Swift


I am SO incredibly ashamed that it has been almost a full month since my last blog post.  The truth is, work has been absolutely crazy this past month.  Lots of changes, lots of new things to get used to!  All of my focus has been there, and most of my other interests have suffered as a result.  But no more!  Back on the blog wagon, as they say.  (Who’s “they” anyway?  And do they really say that?)

I have a lot of great blog posts and projects in the works, but I thought I’d get back into the swing of things with a quick outfit breakdown.  If you haven’t seen this type of post in the past, generally I just post some photos of my outfit and let you in on where the pieces are from.  Simple and fun.  I recently went on a little bit of a new clothes binge, and I kind of want to share ALL of my new outfits with you, but I’ll save the others for future posts.

I’m calling today’s ensemble “The T-Swift”, even though I obviously don’t look exactly like her.  But this outfit hits a few of Taylor’s most commonly seen outfit elements:  high waist line, shorts, colored tights, and frills.  Doesn’t hurt that my hair is a similar length to hers right now 😀  Also doesn’t hurt that I’m SEEING HER IN CONCERT THIS SATURDAY AND I CANNOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE.  So to tide myself over, I’ll blog about her style.  Speaking of style…

Anyway, here’s the outfit!

image1 (11)


I just got this romper last week from Top Shop and I am IN LOVE.  It’s their new Lace High Neck Romper, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  It’s well made, comfortable, classy and fun, all at the same time!  I wore it to work today dressed up as you see above and got non-stop compliments.  You could easily wear this sans tights and plus higher heels for a night out!  So many options.  Just be careful when you eat or sit, because this thing is SUPER WHITE.

image3 (4)


I got these same tights in a bunch of different colors last time I visited the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco.  There is a delightful little store called Sockshop and it’s just cute as a button.  They have every color of tights imaginable, plus an entire wall of interestingly-patterned socks!  They also had these hand-painted floral sheer tights in a glass case that I wanted SO badly, but I could just not bring myself to spend $80 on something my dog is just going to snag anyway.  If you’re ever in the area though, this place is a must.  You can never have enough pairs of quality tights in my opinion.


These amazing wedges are from Pinup Girl Clothing, but I can’t link to them unfortunately as I got them on final sale over a year ago.  Here are some alternates I found that are sort of close, though!  Even if you don’t like those, go browse the rest of their shoe section – I guarantee you’ll find something worth squealing over.

image2 (8)

And there you have it!  Another day, another outfit.  Stay tuned for a more substantial blog post coming soon 🙂

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